Vinyl Chloride Powder

Price : USD 199.00 / 1 Kilogram

Specifications Vinyl chloride-vinyl isobutyl ether copolymer (MP45) Equivalent to Laroflex LP45 mainly used for printing ink and painting Vinyl chloride - vinyl isobutyl ether copolymer (MP 45) Equivalent of BASF Laroflex LP45.


Appearance: White thermoplastic powder, inodorous, no toxin.


Brief Introduction: MP serial chlorinated resins are copolymers of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether. They can be used as base resin for air-drying paints or other physical drying paints. At present, only Germany, USA, Japan and China can produce these items. According to the international convention, chlorinated rubbers were forbidden to produce from 2004. MP series chlorinated resins, as base resin for heavy duty anticorrosion paints, can replace chlorinated rubber. They have broad prospects with their high ratio of quality to price and environmental protection advantage.


Application: They are a good type of chlorinated binder. Can be used for anti-corrosive paints; printing inks, steel structure paints, wall paint, road-marking paints, buildings anti-fire paint, light metal coating, deck paints, watercraft & container paints, engineering paints for machine & automobile, concrete & asbestos cement, etc. They can be used as modifier in rubber & plastic industry as well. CMP45 is especially good for making solvent type gravure ink & plastic composite ink (OPP & PE). CMP25 & 35 is especially good for anticorrosion paint (Container, marine & industrial paint). CMP-60 is especially good for special ink or metal adhesive.