Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Powder

Price : USD 1,000.00 / 1500 Ton

Product Specification Industrial grade PME PMF PMK Appearance White or off-white powder Physical and Chemical Properties :

  • Appearance: white or off-white powder
  • Particle size: about 95% through 100mesh ; 100% through 80mes.Special particle size is about 40 ~ 60 mesh;
  • Carbonation temperature: 280-300°C
  • Bulk density: 320-350kgm 3 (generally about 0.5gcm3 ) , specific gravity is 1.26-1.31
  • Temperature to change color: 190-200°C
  • Surface tension: 42-56dyncm,2% solution
  • Dissolution properties: dissolve in water and some solvent. Such as, the suitable proportion of ethanol water, propanolwater. Its aqueous solution provides surface activity and high transparence and stable properties. Various products have different gel temperatures. Solubility changes with viscosity. Lower the viscosity is, higher the solubility is. Different types of HPMC have different properties. Its dissolution is not subject to PH.
  • With the reduction of methoxyl content, gel point rises, solubility in water and surface activity decrease.
  • HPMC has the ability of thickening, anti-salt, water retention, good film-forming, anti-enzyme, dispersing, bonding, and low ash content.

Application Building To thicken adhesives and glues and to form film in adhesive dispersions. Paints & Coatings To be used as thickening, dispersing and emulsifying agents for the manufacturing of lotions, shampoos, toothpastes. Etc. Pharmaceuticals To provide water retention and lubricity in processing. Dissolution Method Non-surface treated powder: To prevent lumping, put the powder into water (over 90)First, stir to disperse and then cool down the solution with stirring. Package, Storage and Transpotation Package: Plastics-paper bag outside, lined with PVC bag.

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Product Code CH54836
Min. Order Quantity 1 Ton